Do you want to travel the world for free?

Who wants to travel the world for free?

Every hand in the room goes straight up in an emphatic ‘Yes’!

Who wants to travel the world, period?

Just a couple of those previously raised hands remain upright. The rest have slumped back into their chairs, wishing for a lottery win to make their dream come true.

Good news! You need not wait for the lottery draw to plan an affordable trip to that place you saw on your traveller friend’s Facebook page. 😉

Here is are some useful tips on how to plan budget trips around the world:

1. Destination

♦Make a list of countries that offer On-Arrival Visa for your nationality.

♦If being on the road is what keeps you happy and you don’t really mind where you are, then opt for a country whose currency value happens to be lower than that of your country of origin.

♦If having some ‘me-time’ is your top priority, opt for countries that are geographically closer to you.

♦If you already have a destination in mind, then opt for travel during the off-seasons, such as Winter in Europe or Summer in Middle East.

2. Travel Experience

♦If getting your boss to approve your leave of absence seems too difficult, opt for Weekend Getaway deals.

♦If you are the social type having no trouble in mingling with strangers, opt for Group Tours.

♦If solitude is your best friend, incorporate hitchhiking, dorm stays and happy hours at eateries into your Solo Travel.

3. Itinerary

Travel Forums are your new best friend. Find out the most dynamic local or international ones, and pick the brains of well experienced travellers, to prepare an itinerary that best suits your tastes.

♦Someone somewhere has already traveled down that road and their experience van be valuable in your tour planning. So check out relevant Travel Blogs. 

♦If all those details seems to overwhelm you, look for local Tour Operators with positive customer reviews, and compare their price quotes.

4. To and Fro

♦Opt for early morning or late night trips on budget flights, for cheaper deals.

♦Make use of Public Transportation as and when possible.

There you go! You just completed the most difficult yet, the most important phase of  Budget Travel – PLANNING.

Doing your homework right, gives you greater control over your expenses. It also helps set realistic goals and drives away  fear of the unknown.

So what are you waiting for? Get set go…! 🙂

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