How we ended up in Georgia!

It was December 2016.

A good 10 months had passed since our last adventure to Sri Lanka.

Although it was an absolutely wonderful time in our lives with the birth of our son, our travel-addicted feet were getting rather itchy.

On one such day, we happened to see this picture on a social media platform.

Gudauri_Georgia_Panorama_P.LipartelianiGudauri, Georgia by Paata Liparteliani ავტორი: პაატა ლიპარტელიანი

(Picture courtesy: Paata LipartelianiIt)

One look at this photo and we were totally and irrevocably hooked! We just had to see this mesmerising place that cooled the very depths of our souls in just  a few seconds!

Snow has always been a major weakness for both of us.

We hail from the southern most state of Kerala in India, that receives more annual rainfall than the the rest of the country combined. And we had settled down in Dubai, UAE, where the sun shines bright, often too bright, for most part of the year.

So yes, we have had our fill of rain and sunshine. But that soft fluffy white thingy called Snow, we could never get enough of it.

So that’s how it all started.. a stranger from an unknown land shared a photo on social media, and it reignited a fire within the souls of two individuals.. one sitting in his office in Dubai and the other feeding her baby in India.

After two months of intense researching and planning, we made it! And believe us, Georgia really was everything we had expected and more!


RoBis @ Gudauri, Georgia

Sometimes it takes just a picture, a quote, a book, a friends facebook post or some random movie song, to awaken in us that deep desire to visit a faraway enchanting land. But more often than not, we end up suppressing those desires with umpteen number of reasons.

Maybe those reasons are not reasons at all, maybe they are just excuses holding you back from taking that first step out of your comfort zone.

If you are reading this, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and tell yourself this:’

Today is the oldest you‘ve ever been, and the youngest youll ever be.”


Don’t let excuses stop you from spending a few days or even hours in that place that you have always wanted to visit. Life is too short for regrets! 🙂



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Stay tuned for the upcoming post on how to visit ‘Georgia On A Budget

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