A Pact for Life!

Ours was purely an “arranged” marriage.


RoBis, May 2013

For this who are not from the subcontinent, it means our parents hooked us up, for life…! 😜

We had no clue of the other’s existence until two weeks before the wedding!

Weird, you may say.

And we will not disagree with you. When two perfect strangers say “I do..until death do us part“, it can either end up as a complete disaster… or it can be the start of an exciting new journey.

Luckily (divine intervention, we believe πŸ˜‰), we fell into that latter category.

We were two entirely different individuals.. one was born and raised in India, while the other in the Middle East.. one spent more time at the movies than school, while the other never bunked a class in her entire life.. one was fluent in their native tongue and even ran a blog in that language, while the other needed a whole ten minutes to read a sentence completely.. one was tall and dark, while the other was short and fair.. one could go for days without sleep, while the other would turn into a banshee if her sleep was disturbed.. one liked spice, while the other preferred sweet.. one was optimistic and carefree, while the other was rather a pessimist and always over thinking… ah well, the list goes on. 😁

But something truly life changing happened one week after our wedding…

Still rather unacquainted with each other and running out of conversation topics for the fifth time that day, we decided to give the telly a chance in easing out the ‘just-met-you-last-week-and-now-we-are-man-and-wife’Β uneasiness.

A quiz competition was being aired and the quiz master had just completed the last question.

“What is the capital of Ethiopia?”

“Addis Ababa”, we both cried out in unison!

That was THE moment…!

The moment we realized we were not entirely different.. the moment we looked into each others eyes, amazed to see the same hunger for exploring and experiencing the world around us.. the moment that turned us from perfect strangers to the best of friends.. the moment that changed us from you and me into US! 😍


Well, we never ran out of topics after that day.. the conversations mostly beginning with, “so, where to next?”πŸ˜„

After our very first trip together, we realized that we shared exactly the same tastes when it came to travel and we made an amazing team together.

So we made a pact.

A pact to follow one of Dalai Lama’s Instructions for Life.


Our Pact for Life!

4 years down the lane, we are just as passionate, if not more, about travel and keeping our pact. We have been able to visit 16 beautiful countries so far, with at least one in a year.

But now, we have a real challenge to keeping our pact. We are no longer just two silly homo sapiens roaming unknown lands.. we are now a charming little family of three! πŸ‘¨πŸ’•πŸ‘ΌπŸ’•πŸ‘©

We might no longer be able to grab our passports and jump on the next flight whenever we want to.. we may not be able to sleep in dorms and backpack across mountains.. our travel budget might go up quite a notch..

It’s an entirely uncharted territory for us.

But this much we are sure of..

We absolutely adore our son, and we can’t wait to show him this amazing planet we call Home! 😍


Happy travels folks! 😎

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