6 Days in Georgia & Armenia with 500$….?!

Yes, it’s absolutely possible!

If you can save 500USD / 2000AED / 30K INR, then you can well be on your way to the beautiful Caucasian countries of Georgia and Armenia!

Here is how we did it…

1. Time of Travel

We chose to travel in February, which was an off season and so, the flight and tour rates were really low.

2. Flight: 230$

Fly Dubai: Dubai-Tbilisi-Dubai
No check-in luggage

RoBis @ Dubai International Airport

Check out Skyscanner for competitive flight rates and routes.

3. Paperwork: 24$

  • Georgia offers free on-arrival visa for GCC residents.

If you are not a GCC resident, click here.

  • Armenia has started on-arrival visa for Indian nationals residing in GCC countries from February 2017 ( click here for further details )

Armenian Tourist Visa

Cost of a Visitor visa (up to 21 days of stay): 6$
  • Travel Insurance is a must and will be verified at check-in itself.

This is the most affordable one we found: Orient Insurance (Easy Journey Travel Insurance) for 9 days: 15$/ person

4. Stay: 32$

This was the first time we decided to try out staying in a hostel instead of a hotel. Though it had its disadvantages, we really had fun!
4 nights, 5days: 27$/ per person

Picture Courtesy: Patio Hostel (www.booking.com)

1 night, 1 day: 5$/ per person
images (3)

Picture Courtesy: Rafael Hostel (www.hostels.am)

  • Breakfast was included in both hostels.

5. Tours: 134$

  • Given the limited time and sub zero temperatures, we opted for Escorted Group Tours for Georgia.

Tour operator: Holidays in Georgia

Day 1: Mtskheta Gori Uflistsikhe

Day 2: Georgian Military Highway, Ananuri, Gudauri

Day 3: Kakheti Region, Bodbe, Sighnaghi

Day 6: Half day Private Walking Tour of Tbilisi

@ Tbilisi, Georgia

Total: 62$/ per person
We had a great time with this team and the tours were real value for money!
  • We took a Private Tour to make the most of our time in Armenia.

Tour coordinator: Aram Kalantaryan

Day 4: Tbilisi – Goshavank – Haghartsin – Dilijan – Lake Sevan and Sevanavank – Yerevan
Day 5: Yerevan city tour- Garni Temple – Geghard Monastery – Train station in Yerevan
Total: 72$/ per person
We couldn’t have asked for more from Aram and our driver Armen, who made sure that we had two amazing days in their beloved country !!

6. Transportation: 35$

  • Georgian public transportation: 5$/ per person

Public bus No.37, Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Yerevan-Tbilisi overnight train: 30$/ per person

7. Food: 25$


Enjoying Georgian cuisine

8. Tips and Souvenirs: 20$


Souvenir shop, Tbilisi, Georgia

GRAND TOTAL: 500$/ per person

Hence proved! 😉
Hope our experience proves useful to you in your next adventure.
Drop us an email for any assistance or clarifications.
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